Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance System

Our company established a completed quality management department with quality assurance centre. There is a sufficient number of staff with appropriate qualifications in quality management system and each staff perform the duty of quality assurance strictly under the leadership of president of quality. Quality management department have the right to participate in all activities related to quality. President of quality is directly led by general manager of our company and other staff have no right to interfere with the independent performance of his duty.

Our quality police:

Regulation and legitimacy, Faith and Promising.

Safe and Effective, Reliable and Manageable.

Concentration and Optimization, Innovation and Cooperation.

Continual Improvement, Optimum Performance.

Customer first,Satisfy Demand.

Based on the importance of the quality of medicines, we constantly improve the quality assurance system to ensure product quality in the process according to GMP requirements for management and control, from choosing material suppliers until the after-sales service.

Product Certification

The company is committed to adopting fine production technology、trict quality management and implementation of GMP standards in whole process, which make our product high quality during the production process. Our company has passed CGMP、CEP and US FDA and our products has exported to US、EU、Southeast Asia and so on. Certification is not only signficant for developing the company’s image and brand in the professional field, but also contribute to broaden the international market. Our goal is obtaining the recognition of domestic and international pharmaceutical regulate market for our products.

Quality Inspection Center

Quality inspection center equipped with professional training technical person, precision instruments, high-quality and advanced detection reagents procedures to ensure the reliability of test data. The company was established international standards of quality control system and our product performance standards are higher than the national legal standards. We adopt the world's leading testing instruments and testing technology to analysis and control the microimpurity of API in accordance with international ICH requirements, which ensure the product quality.

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