Social Responsibility

Environment Protection

1.Purpose of EHS system management

In order to control or eliminate the risks and hazards in the production and business activities to achieve safe production, to protect life and health and property safety of all employees, safeguard the ecological environment to ensure the realization of their own and related parties safety, environment and health management (EHS) goals.

2.EHS management policy of Honch

Improve the environment, protect health; scientific management, sustainable development, safety and prevention first, full participation, comprehensive control.

3.EHS Systematic Management

Comply with national and local government laws and regulations related to EHS, all business activities conducted in the permittion of safety, environment and health laws and regulations; eliminate occupational hazards and improve working conditions for protecting the health of workers; strengthen staff EHS training and improve the staff’s EHS technical quality; provide products of labor protection and health care measures for employees; prevent accidents and ensure safe production through the implementation of EHS managemnet.

4.Orientation of EHS Systematic Management

Fulfill EHS duties and set EHS model example. Build the company's first-class EHS performanceby by providing resources, organizational review and assessment. Advocate staff to active participante in EHS work, prevent accidents and ensure safe production of zero accidents.

5.Honch safety vision

Work safe. Bringing a happy life for our staff by the job.

Safty Production

Propose and review regularly EHS objective and targets.

Implement risk assessment and risk management process.

Regularly organize EHS committee meeting and discuss EHS issues to achieve continuous improvement of EHS condition.

Assist EHS department to push all EHS improvement measures.

Supervise and audit implementation situation of each EHS risk to eliminate unsafe factors.

Inspect if workplace equipments are working in good status. Supervise and urge employees to use them rightly. Inspect workplace PPE usage situation.

Performance and Practice

  • Large taxpayer of Huanggang city

  • We organize the whole staff to donate blood every year.

  • We offer funding for ten poor university student every year.

  • We visit the students in the disabled school every year.

  • We visit the elderly in nursing homes every year.

  • We organize donation for the area with natural disasters every year.

  • We participate the Arbor Day activities annually.

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